Spring Cleaning

A regular spring cleaning keeps your house healthy and makes you happy!

Spring cleaning is a proper cleaning of the house that should be done annually. It involves cleaning the areas you usually don’t touch. Sounds troublesome?

We’ve got it covered!

We’ll bring all the tools and cleaning equipment!

Covers the areas skipped in a regular cleaning session.

We double the cleaners than a regular cleaning session.

What is included in your spring cleaning package?

Basically, the difference between Spring Cleaning and our normal Basic Home Cleaning is that we do the areas that are usually skipped during weekly cleaning. With Spring Cleaning little things that make your house look sparkling clean.

Living Room




  • Clean walls and ceiling*
  • Wipe inside and exterior window / grill*
  • Wipe light fixtures
  • Polish wooden furnitures
  • Clean ceiling fans
  • Clean aircond exterior
  • Clean mirror and glass

  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Scrub bathroom and toilet bowl
  • Clean kitchen stoves
  • Clean refrigerator (exterior and interior)
  • Banish microwave gunk
  • Clean car porch & balcony
  • Get rid unnecessary items**

Choose a package that fits your needs!



  • Up to 1,000 sqft
  • 2 crews, 4 hours
  • Max 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
  • Cleaning material and tools provided

(Small Houses)


  • Not more than 1,800 sqft
  • 2 crews, 6 hours
  • Max 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
  • Cleaning materials and tools provide



  • Not more than 2,500 sqft
  • 2 crews, 8 hours
  • Max 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms
  • Cleaning material and tools provided

Frequently Asked Questions

How many worker will you send?

There will be at least 2 worker for each job. It will either be a 2 female, 2 male or a male/female team. Unfortunately, the assignment is random and you won’t be able to select the crew.

Can you clean up outdoor areas? (Pool, drain, car-porch)

As a general rule, we do not cover areas outside of the house. It typically requires significantly more work and might also require specialised tools.

Please contact us if you have a specific outdoor cleaning requirements.

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