Insurance by Zurich General Insurance Malaysia Berhad

For additional coverage, you may purchase an additional insurance coverage, underwritten by Zurich General Insurance Malaysia Berhad, directly from Maideasy app.

Common Questions

Q: How much is the insurance premium?
A. The insurance premium is RM10.00 excluding SST(6%).

Q: What is the limit of liability?
A: Limit of claim is RM10,000.00 for each insurance purchased. The breakdown is as per below. 
(A) Up to RM 10,000 third party public liability insurance
(B) Up to RM 1,000 against property damage
(C) Up to RM 1,000 against theft of Customers’ Properties – Full Theft
(D) Limit of Claim for each and every claim is RM10,000.00

Q: Can I purchase the insurance coverage after the job is completed?
A: No. You need to purchase insurance coverage during booking by select addons insurance coverage in the booking forms.

Q: When will I receive the hold cover confirmation slip? 
A: We will process your insurance and send copy of hold cover confirmation slip to your registered email immediately after booking confirmation.

Q: I cancel my cleaning booking, can I cancel and get refund for the purchased insurance?
A: Yes you may cancel your purchased insurance before the delivery commence. We will process the refund and transfer to your bank account within 1 week.

Q: What should I do in the event of loss or damage?
A: You must notify us thru email with full details of the incident / accident within 48 hours from time of incident. Early notification is required to avoid any prejudice to your claim. If theft and / or injury to third party, make a police report immediately.

Q: How to submit a claim?
A: You must submit your claim with all supporting information and documents as requested to us. Documents include photocopy of IC or passport, invoice of the goods, copy of booking slip, copy of cover note, picture for damage cases and police report for theft and bodily injury to third party cases. Please take note that extra claim documents will be required as when basis and the claim documents is not prejudice for us to accept the claim. You will requires to give full cooperation to the surveyors / adjusters appointed by the insurance company in assessing your claim.

Q: When will I received the claim reimbursement?
A: Upon received your complete documents, the claim will be process and complete within 21 days. Any reimbursement will be made directly to your bank account.

Q: What is excess means?
A: Deductible Per Declaration/Project

1) Excess: 5% of loss or minimum RM750.00 on each and every loss subject to claim being covered.
2) Excess: 5% of loss or minimum RM100.00 on each and every loss
3) Excess: 5% of loss or minimum RM100.00 on each and every loss Max : Limit of Claim for each and every claim is RM10,000.00

Q: Who can I contact to check on the claim status?
A: You can contact Zurich General Insurance Malaysia Berhad call centre at 1-300-888-622 And refer the master policy No. 011900002142-00. Alternatively, you may contact melisa.tan@senangpks.com.my and there will be a reply after 3 working days.

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