The Busy Person’s Guide to House Cleaning

Having more important things to do besides cleaning? Limited hours to spend on cleaning? Here are some simple strategies and shortcuts to a home you can be proud of!


Pick up as you go: Make sure there’s always something in your hand when you leave a room. For example, when you are in the living room and need to go to the bathroom, pick up something that does not belong in the room such as your headscarf lying on the sofa. You will keep picking up things and put at their place around your house. Everything will be in place in no time.


Take advantage of commercial breaks: Instead of spacing out while watching the ads, use the 2-3 minutes to do small chores like make the bed, put the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink, and clear the table. Grab the opportunity of the free time to do a quick cleanup!


Take out the rubbish ASAP: Check the rubbish bin before you walk out of the door. If it’s full or smells bad, take it with you when you go out. You’ll be going out anyway, so this wouldn’t take time off your busy schedule.


Keep the cleaning supplies in all rooms: Instead of storing your cleaning supplies in one place, put the supplies in or near the room it needs to be. For example: keep kitchen cleaners under the sink, and bathroom cleaners in the bathroom. This will make quick cleanups more convenient and you’ll get more things done – you see a mess, grab the cleaner, clean it, and move on!


Throw away things you do not need: Look around your house. If you see useless things on your shelves and tables, it is about time to let some of them go! Just get rid of the things you no longer need or use and you will have some extra space around your house.


For the hard stuff like scrubbing, if you don’t really have the time, we are always ready to help! Book a cleaner.