A Return to Old Normal

The United Kingdom which has a high inoculation rate accepts the fact that Covid-19, especially in the light of new variants, will be endemic in society. I’m not against vaccination, it’s better to be vaccinated than not, but despite that, we can still contract Covid-19. Please do note that with vaccinations, hospitalisations and deaths will be significantly lower.

That being said, we must treat Covid-19 as a fact of life, or endemic in society. The way we interact, and the way we do business, must accept this new fact as part of being the new normal. We shouldn’t expect to return to the old normal for at least a while longer. 

For health and safety reasons, we must observe safety SOP’s to mitigate the risks of Covid-19. Wearing masks, washing hands, keeping a safe distance, despite being vaccinated, must carry on. Businesses must include additional health and safety precautions in their Standard Operating Procedures.

It’s not a pleasant future to envision. Many social interactions are disrupted because of this. The way we work, the way we worship and recreational activities are all affected.

With less social activities allowed and many more restrictions imposed, society will be burdened especially trying to adapt and the sense of isolation. How do we evolve in times like these? I foresee a new ‘economy’ post Covid to emerge and we must be cognisant of it.

How do you survive a Covid economy?