Slowly Opening Up

As a co-founder of Maideasy and the team, we are hopeful for things to get better. One silver lining in these stormy weather, Malaysia is vaccinating the people of Malaysia as fast as possible. Vaccinating oneself is just one measure in mitigating the risk of covid-19, we must however be vigilant that covid-19 is going to be endemic. Our customers’ and cleaning crews’ safety remain our top priority. We also realise that their livelihood is matter of importance too.

Maideasy has been back in operations since early August as the economy opens up slowly. We have also been granted an approval letter from MITI to operate. Maideasy conducted a survey on the state of our crew. How many are fully vaccinated? When can they start work?

We try to fulfil our customers’ requests. Many of you have requested that our crew be fully vaccinated along with doing a covid-19 test. We try to accommodate these requests and match them with crews who are able to fulfil them.

We should see, hopefully, by September things to start picking up again. We have paused our onboarding process. When more activities are allowed and covid-19 is more under control, we will resume our onboarding process to give the opportunity for vaccinated Malaysians to work under the Maideasy platform.

We would like to hear thoughts from you. If you have any suggestions on how we can do better, do let us know.