Rate MaidEasy Services: Amy’s 1st Experience!

Customer: Amy , Damansara Perdana


Overall Experience:

I had my first experience with MaidEasy cleaning service on October 19, 2015. My overall experience is very positive!


MaidEasy Cleaner:

Lydia was a really good help and she even fulfilled my extra requests. She’s friendly, independent & detailed. She wanted to do as much work as possible. These are not all. I had a WOW experience with MaidEasy. On her way out, Lydia even helped my neighbour to carry out their rubbish. I’m impressed!


Website Experience:

MaidEasy’s website interface is very idiot proof, I like it.


Customer Service:

Pre-appointment and post-appointment follow ups were very attentive and thorough via calls, emails, and SMS. Maybe a bit too often!


The Ultimate Question: Will you use MaidEasy again?

I will use MaidEasy again, certainly. I am thinking of trying the monthly package.