Cleaner Spotlight: Hanif, MaidEasy In-House Cleaner

From time to time, we will share profiles and stories about us behind the scenes. Read on to take a peek and see what we are all about!

In this post, get to know a little bit about our young and hardworking in-house cleaner, Hanif – he helps to clean your house thoroughly and ensures everything is in order… and shiny!

Cleaner: Hanif

Hometown: Serting, Negeri Sembilan

Background: Hanif was working in a place with not-so-awesome culture and people. When he saw our ad on, he quickly grabbed the opportunity and applied. Now, he is happy and feels good working with MaidEasy and our working environment.


Why MaidEasy?

People: Hanif moved to Kuala Lumpur to join MaidEasy team as a full-time cleaner. It’s his first time away from home, yet according to Hanif, he immediately felt comfortable working with the MaidEasy team. The cleaning crews generously shared their knowledge, and trained and help him to be a better cleaner. MaidEasy customers also treated him with respect too! As they say, working with people who treat you well matters because then the work environment is good. If there is a sense of respect among the people you work with and for, that is when good work is done!

Paycheque: Sometimes it is a little scary trying something new, but it’s all about taking that leap of faith. Hanif was not living in Klang Valley and had never cleaned professionally (he is helpful around his parents’ house though!). He took the plunge and relocated to the city for a better opportunity and pay. He is now happier as he gets to support himself and helps his parents with the wage he gets from MaidEasy.

Learning opportunities: Hanif admitted he was quite shy when he was in school. While working with MaidEasy, not only he is gaining new skills such as cleaning skills, his communication skills are getting better each there as he has to communicate with customers while cleaning & with his colleagues. Shy guy? Nah! That’s history!