Support Quality Monitoring

There have been a few complaints that have been raised by both our customers and support team. There are occasions that I felt that it is our weakness that we are not empathetic or have weaknesses in listening to the problem faced by the customers. The founders of Maideasy has in, a few occasions, have to intervene customer communications to rectify the problem.

Although it is much appreciated by the customers and the support team have us covering these issues, it does not fix the inherent problem of our support team, which is listening. From the complaints that we have gathered, we have identified a few of the problems that needs addressing and re-training our customer support team.

Personally, I will be monitoring calls and chats between our customers and our customer support team for quality control and increasing our quality in serving our customers. My job will only be reading and listening to the conversations, but I will not be involved in solving issues. This is vital to improve the processes and knowledge of our customer support team to serve you.

Lastly, I would like to assure our customers, we are monitoring and listening to your feedback. Thank you for being transparent and fair to us. We are working hard to improve.