More To Come

At Maideasy, our aim is to perfect the processes and product offerings to our customers. If you notice the mobile application, the features and the design are developed from thousands of data and observation of people’s behaviour and reactions. We try to make it as user friendly as possible.

Over the three years that we have been established, we have added a few notable services to our offerings namely spring cleaning and ironing services. We observed that some of the houses that required Maideasy’s services were beyond the scope of the basic housekeeping services by our normal crew. Therefore, we introduced spring cleaning for houses that needed more thorough cleaning and are served by a different team from Maideasy’s normal cleaning crew. The spring cleaning crew are handled by a team of professionals who possessed their own transport and equipments along with extra manpower.

Premium ironing was introduced when we noticed that some of our customers needed ironing solely. Sometimes when they request ironing services, the crew that comes to the house came by surprise. It was only the right thing to do to alert the crew when ironing services are needed so that trained and prepared crew can come to the homes to provide the service.

These are the few additional services that we have introduced in the past few months. There are a few more observations regarding our customers that we noticed and we will provide additional services to serve these customers. Our customers has always been our greatest resource in improving our processes and businesses, and by understanding them, we get to improve ourselves. We highly regard the feedback from our customers in providing valuable ideas and improvements to Maideasy. We will be expecting a few more services to be rolled out in the next few months, and we hope that our customers’ needs will be fulfilled. Thank you all for your support.