App Feature Highlight #1

The developers at Maideasy often observe real world experiences and translate that into a feature in the crew and customer app. One instance that we observe in real life is how cleaners of cleaning companies in commercial cleaning works. Before they begin work, they will congregate in let’s say the parking area, and be briefed by their supervisor for feedback and daily motivation.

We realise that sometimes chats and messages gets lost in translation and misunderstood. It can sometimes create discord between the operations team and the cleaning crew.


Maideasy has introduced a Boradcast feature in the crew app. The broadcast feature is a pre-recorded message from a representative of the CS team to be played daily by the cleaning crew. We usually broadcast what feedback lessons we learnt during the week, important tips and reminders to the cleaning crew.

The Maideasy platform aims to close the gap of mistrust between the crew and the operations team by introducing ‘human elements’ in the design of the app. By hearing ‘a voice’ from Maideasy, we hope that the cleaning crew know that we are actually listening to them, and it’s not just a mobile app interface.