Lovas, A Green Cleaning Materials Company

Maideasy remains committed in taking care of the welfare of its cleaning crew. We have been searching for cleaning supply sources in order to find those which are safe to use at work over a period of time, as well as safe to the environment. After much searching, we have found Lovas, a homegrown Malaysian company that provides plant-based, non-toxic cleaning materials that can be used to clean your homes. After conversation with the founders of Lovas, two young and very passionate chemical engineers, Kelly and Carmen, we learnt about the brand that truly cares in protecting the environment as well prolonged use of the products that does to your home, and towards the well being of those who use their products. Acid and ammonia based cleaning products has shown over time to be corrosive and cause damage to metal and plastic made pipes in your home. On top of that, the fumes from prolonged use of these chemicals is detrimental to the health of those doing the cleaning. Lovas products are both non toxic and plant based that cares for your home as well very safe to use for our cleaning crew.

As with cultural sensitivities of our cleaning crew who are mostly Malay and Muslim, Lovas cleaning materials are HALAL certified approved by JAKIM. The fact that strike me the most about Lovas, not only are they enviromentally friendly, but they are Made In Malaysia with a factory near Kuala Lumpur. As with the previous cleaning supplies that we used, they were made overseas and therefore shipped to Malaysia leaving a long trail of carbon footprints. Having their factory in Malaysia also made the cost to the cleaning crew cheaper to obtain these products.

Partnering with Lovas is an introduction for the upcoming service we will introduce. Many of our customers do not have cleaning materials and tools at their homes and have expressed their need that we provide these to them. For a small surcharge, some of Maideasy’s cleaning crew will be carrying the cleaning supply set so that home owners do not have provide the necessary tools to get their homes cleaned by Maideasy.