What’s so special about Malaysian Crew

Maideasy decided on the onset to employ only local cleaning crew. We could had gone the easy way and engage cleaning companies that use foreign workers, mostly illegals. 

Better Educated, Better Trained

When we decided to use Malaysians, we realise that there are many benefits to using Malaysians, who are, in general better educated and easily trained. On top of that, the Malaysian cleaning crew that we use are born and grew up in this country, in the surrounding of local culture and ‘adab’.

Fluent in Both English and Malay

Your typical crew from Maideasy would greet you with a cheery smile of Good morning or Salam puan, to our Muslim customers. They will be sensitive on how to clean and care for your home, a typical feature of the Malay culture of hospitality and gentleness. Usually, conversing with the customers is not a problem with our Malaysian crew as mostly can converse in English well, as English is Malaysia’s second language. We have many expat customers who find ease with Maideasy and its crew who employ them on a regular basis. In fact, an interview conducted with one of our expat customers who came to relocate in Malaysia told us that the Maideasy app is the one highly recommended app for expats to download once they arrive in Malaysia. 


Another important benefit of using Malaysian crew is of trust. All of our Malaysian crew go through a vetting process of interview and training with Maideasy. Maideasy keeps important information about them like their home address, contact number and IC. When our Malaysian crew arrive at your home, they will personally be registered at your home entrance with their IC. So, as a customer, you would know who actually goes to your house. 

Supporting the Local Ecosystem

Many cleaning companies use foreign workers who are mostly illegal. They do not come to Malaysia with valid papers. They also pose a strain on the authorities and with the advent of Malaysia Baru, Maideasy is in full support of providing employment to the locals. The locals that our customer employ provide a healthy and stable income for them to support their families and loved ones.

Maideasy’s local cleaning crew get paid well above the average wage of RM1050 for the jobs that they take. By providing flexible working hours to our crew, they can decide on their daily income as well as take care of their family matters. 

Our Malaysia Baru Aspirations

Since Maideasy operated in late 2015, over 3000 crews has been trained and took jobs from Maideasy. It has been our immense pleasure that we are able to build a company that provides incomes to many local people in Malaysia, easing their burden either as someone who fully depend on Maideasy, a student or someone in transition between jobs. Many of our cleaning crew get to know our customers who live in affluent areas and of different races and cultures, making the Malaysian society more cohesive and harmonious.