Bringing Cleaning Supplies and Tools

Finally, Maideasy has introduced an option to ease customers that is some of our cleaning crew will bring some tools and cleaning supplies to your home to clean your home better. Previously Maideasy did not have this option because of the high costs to the crew in preparing the tools AND cleaning materials that needs to be replenished. Therefore our team took time scouring companies that could provide good quality, convenient and reasonable prices of cleaning products and tools that our cleaning crew can use. 

Among the tools and cleaning materials that some of our crew will bring are:

Vacuum cleaner

Microfibre cloth and rags


Floor cleaner, kitchen cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, glass and surface cleaner

This additional convenience will have a small surcharge of RM25 to our customers and can be booked through our apps. Only cleaners who have the necessary tools are able to choose this option to provide this service.

Happy Cleaning!