What Does Your Mess Say About You?

You may not know this but the mess in your home reveals quite a bit about you. Take a look around your home. Everything is where it is because of what you did! Find your mess below to see what its revealing about you.


1. Pile mess: You have several anthill piles around your house – a pile of clothes over here, a pile of old newspapers over there, a pile of unwashed dishes in the sink, a pile of makeup you have yet to arranged… and this list goes on.

Your mess reveals that… You are a procrastinator! The piles each represents a chore or project you need to do but… you are not quite free or ready to do right now and are planning to do it… soon. Usually, you do not hide your mess in a cupboard or drawer because you are scared you will never deal with it. Hence, you keep them in piles to keep them tolerable.

What can you do? Tackle one pile at a time. Let’s start with tackling one pile per day! Sounds manageable?


2. Secret mess: Your house looks tidy where everything is in order and the surfaces around your house are clear – nothing lying on the floors or sofas. However, when your friend opens any cupboard or drawer, your true messiness is revealed! The friend finds piles of clothes on your cupboard floor and all sorts of things unsorted in your drawers. Let’s not talk about your storeroom.

Your mess reveals that… You care a lot about what people think of you! You dress well, walk around in confidence and people look up to you! The pressure to be perfect can be overwhelming. You spend so much time making sure you look perfect, you simply do not have the time to take care of every single little thing! Hey, there is nothing wrong with having a bit of a wild side… or messy closet!

What can you do? Start a weekly cleaning project such as organise your closet during week 1 and sort out your sock drawer in week 2.


3. Hoarder’s mess: School uniforms you wore when you were in school, old shopping bags, receipts, notes you received from your first boyfriend and more of this and that… You have them all tucked away behind your bed and stuffed in your drawers.

Your mess reveals that… You are a hoarder. Yup! You do want to throw away all those things but you are scared that you may going to need them… one day.

What can you do? Give away all the things you have not used in the past 6 months and throw away all the rubbish. Your home will be much cleaner. Trust us!


4. Almost messy: Your house is not that messy. Just few things here and there. Instead of the things being put away, it’s not. It’s just there.

Your mess reveals that… You are always on the go! You just want to have everything within reach so you can get things done fast. You prefer a clean house but you have many things to do. You think that putting away things back at their place will just take too much time!

What can you do? Practice 15-second rule. If it takes you few seconds to do a task such as hang the clothes in your cupboard and wash that one mug, just do it quickly… and get on with your life and chase those dreams of yours!


5. Everything is a mess: Stuff, more stuff and even more stuff everywhere you look! Some may think it’s a complete chaos but to you, it’s alright. You totally know where everything is.

Your mess reveals that… You are probably a creative person! You may be a little scattered, but you will always find a way to make it work. Seriously, how can anyone be inspired if everything is in order…

What can you do? Book a MaidEasy cleaner! We have two options: 4-hour and 8-hour sessions 😉


6. What mess?: Your house is perfect and spotless. Period.

Your mess reveals that… You have high standard! You think that a mess is a sign of laziness and you are anything but lazy.

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What does your home currently say about you?