Why I Prefer A Male Cleaning Crew

I am a loyal customer of Maideasy since August 2017. Previously, I had a (Malaysian) live in maid to take care of the home and the family. Because that I have a small family of one child and a relatively clean and organised home, my maid didn’t have much to do. Shortly after, we let her go. I decided to give Maideasy a try.

Although I am one of the co-founders, I book my cleaning sessions from Maideasy just like you. I downloaded the app, made a booking there. If I had any questions, I’d ask the customer support team for assistance.

My first booking from Maideasy was a male crew. I was hesitant at first because I was alone at home. But the CS team assured me that he has been with Maideasy for a while and he was one of our top rated crew. I gave him a try.

I had female crews before to attend to my home. Although they were pleasant, I preferred my male crew experience over them. From our trainers and CS feedback, male crews are not presumptious and are better listeners than female crews. They also have the physical strength should you need them to carry small items or some furniture like coffee table or the sofa to clean underneath.

My male crew went straight to work. He didn’t talk much but heard instructions well. The CS team feedback about male crew is that they often don’t always ‘assume’ to know what to do when going to customer’s house and therefore are more detailed during cleaning. They ask a lot of questions during training and are more diligent and susceptable to special requests.

Over time, my male crew knew my house well. He could complete cleaning the house in 3 hours, and have 1 hour for special requests should I have one. Usually I’d ask him to either clean the fridge, or the bookshelves, or vacuum and steam the sofa’s in the living room. All which he did just well.

Some of the male crews that come to interview at our Bangsar office does so pretty well. They come to the office neatly dressed, sometimes in a work shirt and cleanly shaven. As we get to know them, they are also very responsible members of the community. Some work as a cleaning crew to support their families or their ageing parents.

After having a few tries with different crews from Maideasy, I am more open in trying out male crews. My mother is also a Maideasy customer for over 6 months and have a pair cleaning her home. The male crew is deligated to more physical tasks that involve more of their strength.

I hope my experience with a male crew has opened up the possibility for you to give them a try. So far, I like them and we have received great customer feedback. Do give them a try.