International Women’s Day: Earning An Honest Income

When Kak Zafran came to Maideasy, she was a tired mother juggling her work as a housekeeping supervisor at two branches of hostels in Kuala Lumpur. This mother of four was burdened by a heaving heart to make sure the younger two of her four children had the attention needed from a mother. Kak Zafran is a successful mother on her own right despite juggling the responsibilities of her family and work. Her career as a professional housekeeper at a major hotel in Kuala Lumpur saw her rise from doing the day-to-day housekeeping of the rooms to supervisor in no time. However, being a devoted mother who had to support her children financially, she had to sacrifice her time so that she can earn money to send them to the best education she can afford. Her dreams came true as two of her eldest children are enrolled at a local university in Selangor.

A mother’s love bears lots of sacrifice. Despite being well liked at the hostel where she is head of housekeeping, seeing her two younger children somewhat abandoned, she resigned her work at the hostel. She searched the internet for work that could put her skills to good use but also give her ample time to focus on her two younger children. That’s how she came across Maideasy.

Today, it has been six months since Kak Zafran works for Maideasy. Although her career isn’t as rigorous as before, but she sacrificed her career ambitions for her heart’s desire – to provide her children the best education she can. The Maideasy team are moved by her dedication of Kak Zafran towards her children, spending quality time with her children, making sure they understand their homework and provide the tender loving care every child needs from a mother.

For International Women’s Day, Maideasy celebrates women all over. We have seen how a determined woman would move mountains to give her the best in providing for her family. Happy International Women’s Day to all women in Malaysia and the world.