Welcome to the Brand New MaidEasy Website

After weeks and months of sweat, tears, and burning the midnight oil, our ever talented and dedicated technical team is proud to unveil the ALL NEW MaidEasy.my website. Our customer support team worked closely with the technical team to translate your feedback into building this beautiful new website. While handling tons of calls in a day, we understand that you may have budding questions in your mind about our service. At the new website, we have filled it with tons of information so that you will be well informed of our services when you make the booking. Simply browse through our HELP section to find out more information about your booking, payment method, what to expect and more. Our HELP area is very, very helpful and it saves you time and effort in answering those questions that’s lingering in your mind.

MaidEasy’s motto is top notch quality and we feel that you should also know some of our cleaners. We have dedicated a special page for them to express themselves about working for MaidEasy and how working with MaidEasy has improved their lives while leaving your home spic and span. More than just a cleaning company, we at MaidEasy feels that it’s our social responsibility to give back to the community by providing ample job opportunities while leaving our customers satisfied.

After carefully listening to many of your requests, MaidEasy recognises that no two customer is the same. Of course, our main goal is to leave your home spotlessly clean and tidy, but there are some special requests that you may want our cleaners to do. So, in the pricing page, you may inform us of any special requests that we can do like ironing and folding your clothes, washing the windows or the fridge. It would also be helpful if you could tell us more about your home so that we can prepare our cleaners to do a fantastic job. Telling us more about your cleaning requests will also allow us to gauge whether we can fulfil all the requests within the stipulated time.

Other than that, our new website is simply awesome! We invite you to browse it, get to know us, our cleaners and how we aim to upgrade the cleaning industry, one house at a time. Take it for a spin and make your booking too!