Vaccinate Yourselves

As the cases are rising and fears permeates through the air, one critical act that we can do to hamper the spread of Covid-19 is to get vaccinated. There are rumours and false information going around through WhatsApp groups that spreads fear mongering. All these are false. Vaccines like Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Sinovac which are ordered by our country has been proven in studies to have high efficacy rates and prevent mortality. Whatever it is, any vaccine that is offered to us are safe and should be taken. The more people that get’s vaccinated, the less chance others will contract the disease. All of us together are working to achieve herd immunity by the end of the year.

Here are some top reasons why you should get vaccinated:

All the mainstream vaccines have undergone clinical studies to ensure that they are safe and have significant efficacy rates. We do not have to worry about major side effects and in almost all cases the side effects are minor. Minor side effects which includes soreness in the place of injection, fever or feeling tired are the most common experienced by those who get the vaccine. These side effects usually subsides in a day or two. After that, you’re back to your normal self.

If we get vaccinated, we not only protect ourselves, but also others especially our loved ones. As our cases go higher, is not only that we hear of a friend of a friend that gets infected by covid-19, it has gone to a one degree relation to us. It could be OUR friend, OUR family member or OUR neighbour. Get vaccinated. Stop the link of infection.

Freedom. Many other countries especially the developed nations like USA, UK and Singapore have successfully vaccinated significant portions of their populations. There are countries that are opening up borders to allow vaccinated tourists to visit their countries. In some places, a mask is not needed even. What are we waiting for? The faster we get vaccinated, the faster we can get to our normal lives.

Here at Maideasy, we continuously encourage our crew especially and advocate vaccination for all. Let’s do our part to achieve herd immunity. We can’t wait to breathe the fresh air.