Update to our SMS system

If you have made a booking with Maideasy before, you might have noticed that we sent out SMS notification from a 0111xxxxxx number. There seems to be a bit of confusion how this SMS was sent out and how incoming SMS was handled.

The particular number is not tied up to any sim card or mobile phone. It is provided by a 3rd party SMS provider and managed from a web interface by our support team. The volume of SMS received and sent however, started to overwhelm the team as we sometimes have to process over a thousand SMS daily.

Starting Monday, 6th February 2017, we decided to move our incoming SMS system into a ticket-based system. As you might have noticed, each SMS sent to us would generate an automatic reply, letting you know that we will reply your message via email as soon as possible. All correspondence will be then handled via email, where we can provide a more satisfactory reply, not limited to 160 characters.

While I understand some of you do prefer SMS to reach us but rest assured that we will reply all inquiries in a timely fashion.