Crew gathering

On last Tuesday, (15 August, 2017), we host a small gathering of our cleaning crew and Maideasy admins. Our goals was simply to get to know our crew better and to give them the opportunity to give us a more direct feedback to our admins. Our admins and the crew were always in constant communication via our internal chat system online, but we rarely meet face-to-face. It was also an opportunity for them to meet Maideasy management directly and get to know the team behind the app.

We get to hear a more direct feedback from the cleaning crew, totally unfiltered. They were so eager to share their thoughts and ideas and I am actually quite impressed with some of the ideas. Internally, I have list down a set of action plan in various areas, from our onboarding and training process to communication. The weakness of the customer app also become apparent, which is something that we are addressing now.

Overall, I was quite taken by how happy most of the crew were and how much they love the opportunity that we provide. I will be hosting many more of this meetup regularly and I will be there to hear their thoughts directly.

To our crew, thank you for your support and commitment. We’re working hard to address your concerns, and I am sure we can slowly grow Maideasy as the leader in home cleaning service.