Tackling Cleaning When There’s No Motivation!

At times, you are just not motivated to clean. Here are some suggestions on how to get that spirit so you can start spring cleaning your home!

Turn on some music, out loud! – Awesome tunes can get you moving!

Bribe yourself – Tell yourself that if you finish up cleaning, you will treat yourself to something nice. Indulge yourself with some ice-cream after the tiring work!

Clean together – Cleaning together can make the session more fun, and it can be much faster. Get your whole family to join you. If the kids are not so excited, tell them that they will be rewarded with ice-cream once they are done!

Time yourself – Use the timer trick where you set the timer for 15 minutes and you’ll see what can you get done within the time. To make this more fun, set a contest between the kids to see who can finish cleaning their room before the timer goes off!

Do it one-by-one – Start with one room or task at a time. Before you know it, you’ll be on to the next one, and DONE!