Our Hari Raya Memories with Maideasy!

Hello folks, it’s Hari Raya which is a huge thing in Malaysia, and the whole nation is celebrating. During Hari Raya, Malaysians all over the nation get together and join their Muslim friends in this joyous celebration, usually by attending open houses. They receive warm hospitality and are treated to a feast of specially prepared food and enjoy delicious dishes during Hari Raya. 

Maideasy didn’t want to miss the opportunity to bond with our crew and also treat them to some scrumptious food for their hard work and dedication, so we decided to hold an open house as well. On 28th June, Maideasy held a Hari Raya Aidilfitri ceremony, a very lively event.  

We had our company CEO, Mr Azrul Rahim to give a welcome speech to all crew. This time we’ve invited crew from various areas to join the open house and making the event even more fun! For everyone’s joy, we have a variety of dishes prepared by Isda Catering at the event!

The awesome Maideasy committee also organized a competition of Maideasy crew quiz and the winner will get money lucky draw in conjunction with the celebration of Hari Raya. Participation rates to answer questions to earn duit raya are very lively and beyond expectations and the place buzzes with fun.

Crew and Maideasy workers work hard and also struggle hard on the day. It’s a fun event to gather everyone from our various departments, crews and CEOs where we know each other better. We talk calmly about experiences, problems, we laugh, and we’ll have fun! The children present are happy when their parents get a lucky draw prize, they run, play and cheer with their parents.