More Muscles, More Strength

Meet Firdaus, one of the male cleaners from MaidEasy. When I met Firdaus for an interview, he caught my attention of being an eager and enthusiastic, young twenty-something year old, eager to work hard on something he puts his mind into. As most of our cleaners are female, we were also perplexed to know where to put Firdaus to good use. We didn’t want to waste such a driven individual, and were thinking of ways of how to put him to good use. Recently, MaidEasy opened up slots for Move-In Cleaning services, and tadaa! that’s exactly where Firdaus would fit right in.

Move-In Cleaning requires the extra strength to move around furniture and more detailed cleaning and scrubbing. That’s exactly where Firdaus will be useful.

So if you require any move-in cleaning or post-renovation cleaning services, do contact MaidEasy. We might send Firdaus your way, and we are sure that he’ll do an awesome job.