5 Fantastic Ways to Use Olive Oil for Cleaning Around Your House

Polish and repair scratched leather furniture.

Did you know that olive oil does a good job on any scratches on leather furniture? Just gently rub a soft cloth with a dip of olive oil on the surface of the furniture. For those who have cats that likes to scratch all over, this would definitely help you big time!


Remove paint from hair or skin

Have you wondered how to remove paint from your hair or skin? All you have to do is just gently dab the stain with olive oil. Besides that, it’s packed with good fats and nutrients. A little bit of olive oil not only help you remove stains and paint but it moisturizes the skin and hair.


Maintaining wooden utensils

Cutting boards made from wood are great, but they are more expensive than the plastic ones. To maintain them, all you need to do is wash them with soap and water, then let it dry. Once it’s dried, just gently wipe it with the olive oil. This works for wooden furniture as well!


Get rid of the excess wax from candles

For those who love to light the way up the staircase, shelf or rack with scented candles, this could help you a lot! Olive oils can help you get rid of the excess wax. It is such a pain to remove all of the excess wax without scratching the surface. Just wipe it off with a mix of olive oil and soap. It totally works!


Shining your stainless steel tools in the kitchen

Would you want your stainless steel pans and tools especially your favourite knives to shine like the first day you bought them? Olive oils can do the job, just wipe them after washing and setting them out to dry.