5 Things You Need To Make Your House Superbly Clean

Our cleaners have been constantly giving us their feedback in improving your homes. From the thousand of homes we have serviced, we learn all sorts of nitty gritty details of home cleaning. Some of our customers do not have adequate cleaning materials and equipment to leave their homes fabulously clean. Here are 5 things you need to make sure your home is squeaky clean:


Cif: The Multi purpose Surface Cream Cleaner
Cif comes in cream form and it’s perfect for cleaning your toilet. This multi purpose cleaner is all you need to scrub the walls and floor of your toilet, especially for tiles surface. Keeping this handy is a must to make sure your toilets are clean.


Mr Muscle Glass/Surface Cleaner
Glass mirrors in the toilet tend to catch dirt and become dull. It’s such a shame if it’s not clear and can’t be put to its proper use, which is to be used as a vanity mirror. Get a specialized glass cleaner and a few pages of newspapers so that our cleaners can wipe down any dirt from your glass mirrors to leave it crystal clear. The surface cleaner can also be used to clean counter tops in the kitchen.


Multi-purpose Floor Cleaner
Most of Malaysian houses either come with tile or marbled floors. To clean these floors, we recommend a multi purpose cleaner with about 2 caps full of the liquid be mixed with half a bucket of water. It will wipe out dirt and mild stains completely.



Wood floor Cleaner
For parquet and wooden floors in bedrooms and corridors, we use a milder version of the floor cleaner that does not stick and dries fast.


Toilet Duck
The surface of your toilet bowl can be cleaned using a separate sponge and a toilet brush. However, beneath the rims of the toilet bowls need special attention too. We’d recommend using Toilet Duck to clean the rims of your toilet bowl making sure this hard-to-reach places are cleansed too.

If you have these 5 things we recommend for your cleaning session, along with the right tools for cleaning such as sponges, mop, vacuum, brooms and toilet brushes, your house is ready to be transformed into a clean home by our cleaners!