What to Wear When You Clean Your House?​

Do you dress the part when you clean your house or you clean in your comfy pyjamas? You don’t usually put much thought in what to wear when you clean? You really should! This is as when you clean your house, you are exposed to many types of things that are dirty and can be dangerous such as:

Chemicals – Some cleaning products have strong ingredients and chemicals that can be harmful to your skin.

Pests – Bugs, fleas and ticks can climb and crawl on you without you noticing them. Keeping your skin covered well can help to cut down risk from getting bit.

Dirts – Dust and mold can cause you to become sick.



What to wear when cleaning that can keep you safe and looking good:

Top – A top of comfortable fabric. A cotton shirt is a good choice. It is light enough for you to feel comfortable to move around while cleaning and thick enough to give your skin some protection. It is easy to clean too.

Bottom – A pair of pants of thick fabric. Thick fabric such as denim can prevent bug bites and keep your legs covered if encountered any dangerous substance.

Extra tip! Wear gloves to keep your hands from touching any harsh cleaning products you are using. Cleaning without skin protection can dry your skin and make your nails look rough. Furthermore, your hands come in contact with more contaminates while cleaning than other parts of your body.

When you are done with cleaning, remember to toss your clothes into the washing machine and have a nice warm shower. Fix a drink, sit down and enjoy the results of your hard work!