Clean the House, Burn those Calories!

Check out the calorie counts for these everyday house chores:

Ironing – Looking for a reason to not hate ironing? What if we tell you it can burn calories? Spend an hour ironing your clothes and 85 calories will be gone just like that!

Sweeping – You will shed 150 calories by sweeping the floor for an hour. If you sweep the floors outside your house (garage, porch, sidewalk), you will burn 195 calories per hour.

Scrubbing – Scrub away those nasty grease, dirts and stains. Not only you will have clean floors, bathrooms, and surfaces, you can also burn 182 calories by scrubbing for an hour.

Mopping/Vacuuming – You always drag that extra task? You may not find the extra task a draggy chore anymore. Mopping and vacuuming burn even more calories than sweeping – 163 per hour.

Redecorating – Rearrange or move around the furniture and household items in your house can help you burn major calories – lose 325 calories in an hour.

Light cleaning – Light cleaning around the house could help you burn those calories easily – 98 calories in an hour. This includes dusting, straightening up, changing linen, and carrying out rubbish.

Doing laundry – Folding or hanging clothes, putting clothes in washer or dryer will burn 65 calories.

*All calorie counts are based on a person weighing 65kg.