Massage Session In Review

These days, other than the stress of commuting to work in the sweltering heat and our busy schedules, we often forget our much needed self-care. How we wish there’s that ‘other’ someone to pamper you as a token of their appreciation for just being there in their lives.

This month Maideasy has partnered with to gift to April’s crew of the month an hour of Malay traditional massage from the skilled hands of Sentuh’s masseuse. We took it a little further to promote their wellness brand to our loyal customers. For that, on Mother’s Day, be prepared for a special package and discount exclusively to Maideasy’s customers.

The founders of Sentuh gave me a traditional Malay massage session for me to personally test their expert hands. Their on-demand home therapy services model includes massages and facials, all available through their app and served by their well trained therapists. Sentuh is a digitisation of their spa business as previously they have been in the spa industry for over 10 years, even created and developed their own line of products which include creams, lotions and oils. They decided to jump on the on-demand technology to widen their reach bringing their signature massages to a clientele that much needed moment of relaxation from their busy lives.

As expected, the Sentuh masseuse came right on time to my house. She brings her ‘spa set’ which includes, aromatherapy incense, a foldable massage bed, towels and sarongs, even a wifi speaker to set the tone for a relaxed ambience.

She started off gently kneading of the feet to immediately relax me then on. I felt completely in calming bliss as she moves on massaging my entire body. Even my daughter laughing in the next room hardly distracted me as I was about to be lulled to sleep.

I didn’t feel the hour pass as I thoroughly enjoyed it. At the end of the session, she poured me a glass of lightly flavoured ginger tea. We chat for a while, and the session was over, feeling reinvigorated. 

As Mother’s Day is just around the corner, I want our customers, especially the mothers to delight in the pleasure of Sentuh’s signature traditional Malay massage. Closer to the date, we will promote their services with a special coupon exclusively to Maideasy’s customers.