Guests Arriving? Speed Clean Your Home!

You may find this situation familiar: Your house is a mess, and you just learned that guests are coming over. Don’t stress, below are quick cleaning tips to make your home look fresh. Maximise those last few minutes you have before they arrive!


5 minutes cleaning: The most important thing here is that guests have a place to sit and hang out and that they are not stepping and tripping over things on the floor. Firstly, pick up all the things such as random toys and clothes laying around the house, floors and tables. Clear tables and floors help to create the appearance of an organized home.


10 minutes cleaning: Have a few extra minutes to spare? Do a quick check in the bathroom that your guests may use to make sure there is toilet paper and things are in their proper place. Do a quick wipe of the sink counter using wipes.


15 minutes cleaning: This last step will give a ‘just polished’ look. Use a microfiber cloth or wet wipes to wipe down all flat surfaces in your main rooms such as coffee tables and dining room tables.


Extra tip! Get large decorative storage baskets. Not only you can use them to put the items that are strewn all over your living room before you have the time to put them away in their proper place later, these also serve as accessorizing items!


Hope you find these quick tips for tidying when short on time useful!