Bringing the Maideasy Community Together

We’re in this together! Thank you to our customers who engage in Maideasy’s services to support our core mission that is to uplift the under privileged society of Malaysia especially. Your support has made us provide incomes to many thousands of Malaysians, providing job opportunities for them in the domestic services industry as well increase the standards in which this industry operates.

Maideasy serves to strengthen the bonds that connect each one of us as customers and the cleaning crew under our mission to the betterment of our community. Recently, you’ve seen newsletters and social media posts on how our Maideasy team has been promoting community events and our own community service to help #cleanup our surroundings.

We will be sharing from now on community events around KL and Klang Valley where we serve, like book drives, art exhibitions or community gatherings to encourage participation from all our customers. Last weekend there were three events that were happening, and we hoped that you get to make time to take part on some of the events.

Maideasy also launched the #wearyourapron campaign at various food courts around KL to show our concern in the food hygiene of KL habitants. We noticed that some of the aprons worn by food stall workers haven’t been updated for a long time, so why don’t we sponsor them aprons to wear? It shows our commitment in making KL clean and healthy to all patrons visiting these food courts.

We’ll be doing more community events like these to emphasise that cleanliness is important especially that we are moving to a more developed nation status. Do join us in making Malaysia clean while helping many of those in supporting themselves in the domestic services industry. Also, we’ll keep you posted on the many other updates that Maideasy do to provide better working conditions for our cleaning crew and getting the community involved in our mission.