These are dire times for the Malaysian people. People are crying out in pain because of hunger. Hundreds of thousands of Malaysians are being laid off from their jobs, over 100,000 businesses have been forced to close. Savings are depleting. There’s no where to go.

We hear you, Malaysians. Everyday our cleaning crew message us to restart our business and continue with the bookings. We have tirelessly been requesting an approval from MITI to let our business operate and help our fellow Malaysians put food on their tables. But to no avail.

We are at our last straws. We are doing everything we can to help our crew and the team at Maideasy survive this difficult times.

On a daily basis, we have been answering calls and messages especially from our crew to help them get food and necessities if they need them. We update them from time to time of our pending request for approval from MITI. Without homes to clean, our cleaning crew have no incomes.

Dear customers, if you have any help you can channel to our crew, we would gladly forward them. If you have any extra to give, let us know. We know our crew are people with pride. They don’t want to beg. Just be given a chance to clean your homes to earn a living.

We support the #benderaputih movement. If any of you are experiencing a difficult time, you are not alone. As Malaysians, we are here for you.

Please email us at support@maideasy.my if you need help or want to give assistance to any of our Malaysian cleaning crew.