Asia Nikkei Review News on Maideasy

An interview with Maideasy’s co-founder, Meriza Anna, was picked up by Asian Nikkei Review, a Japanese newspaper to gather some insights on the progress of Maideasy today. 

Meriza talks about the importance of labour to be fairly compensated, and insist that the model on subsidising both sides of the market isn’t a workable strategy for services marketplace like ours. The challenges Maideasy faces as a company stems mainly getting a stream of reliable supply and  our decision to use local Malaysians as part of the cleaning crew benefits not only in solving the supply issue but helps with the local economy as well. 

Other broader challenges is providing value to the customers in terms of offering more than just cleaning services. Maideasy has plans to be the go to place for domestic services which includes child care and elderly care that we hopefully forge with partnerships. 

The good news for Maideasy, despite it’s careful and organic growth, Maideasy has reached operational break even point mid this year, and eyes for profitability within this year’s financial year. It has been our intention to build a stable and sustainable business with Maideasy concentrating on repeat customers and making them use the full suite of services provided by Maideasy.

It’s still a long road ahead, but Maideasy rides through this challenges with bravery. Our mission to improve the conditions of our community and industry as a whole stands with the values that Maideasy is built upon.

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