Acting Proportionately

At the bottom of every Maideasy’s email, our core philosophy in treating our customers and cleaning crew succinctly explained:

We’re 100% committed to treating customers and cleaners with fairness, common-sense, and kindness.

Every now and then, we receive complains and compliments from our customers of our work quality and cleaning crew. To encourage our cleaning crew, we post these compliments in their cleaner app for them to like and see. It’s not only an encouragement from us and the customers, but also an acknowledgement that they have done a good job, and we encourage them to do good.

However, at some points in time, our quality may slip, or for whatever complain we receive from our customers. Sometimes our customers demand an apology, and some very seldom occasion can act out of proportion.

At Maideasy, we have to act justly with our cleaning crew and customers. Sometimes customers act disproportionately and want hefty action to be taken to the cleaning crew or/and us.

Some of our cleaning crew depend on Maideasy as their sole income. The income received from Maideasy is used to support themselves, their families and things like care for special needs children, sick parents, schooling, transportation, etc. I personally have seen a few of our cleaning crew start from being single, then getting married, later having children and stick to Maideasy to support their lives and family. My personal Maideasy crew has done over 1000 homes, became very good at cleaning homes, and appreciates the predictability and stability of income and work from Maideasy. It’s only right to be fair to them.

Sometimes our customers think the worst of Maideasy and the crew. They accuse us of wanting to cheat them, or the crew is lazy, as such. These accusations, we understand come from deep frustration and disproportionate reaction towards us. And the standard reply is that we will have to investigate the matter, and are not able to react immediately or expectedly the way the customer wants.

There’s always two sides of the story. The customer’s side, also the cleaner’s side. Previously I have mentioned that some houses are not even qualified for Basic Housekeeping, but more suited for Spring Cleaning, and thus the cleaning crew is unable to provide the service wanted by the customers. When they come to us to defend themselves, they will send us pictures, chats and complaints between them and the customer.

This is when we have to act tactfully. We have to weigh in the customer’s complaints against the cleaning crew, and vice versa. The standard ‘rehabilitation’ or ‘punishment’ includes re-training, ‘lecture’, refund or simply booted out of the system if there is sufficient evidence. Sometimes our customers want more, and I’m not sure what more. The purpose of this blog post is to explain to the customers we have to act appropriately and justly to both the customer and cleaning crew, and also the operations team as well.

At Maideasy, our integrity and professionalism is our main concern. Maideasy has been in business for almost 3 years, and we have cleaned tens of thousands of homes, trained thousands of crew and provide employment to many. Professionalism and acting fairly to both our customers and cleaning crew is one of our main concern and we wish to stay in business for a long time.