A Look At 2018

As the year closes and we are on to a start of a New Year, it’s customary for us to look back at our achievements (and mistakes) of the year. 2018 ended on a positive note and we have climbed a higher threshold with over 50000 bookings and over 1800 cleaning crew trained. Maideasy aims to be a viable business in the long run.

The team at Maideasy this year dived in the breadth and depth in both understanding our customers and cleaning crew. Time and lots and lots of observing data are needed to craft our ‘ideal’ crew and fulfilling the broad needs of our customers to further refine our products and services. We have included these findings in our trainings that we conduct, our bonus and incentive program to further encourage our crew to be more aware of the high quality demanded by our company. 

As co-founder of Maideasy, it is my stern belief that in order to be a good co-leader, I have to be close to both the customers and the people I work with to feel their pulse and understand deeply what they value. This year, Maideasy introduced a slew of new products that included General Helper and very limited placement services. As for the cleaning crew, we have introduced Mata Bonus (bonus points) for them to accumulate in order to incentivise and improve their work quality.

I pride that Maideasy is a technology company, with my husband, Azrul Rahim being an engineer himself include technological uses in saving costs, improvise on the products and services, shortening the time in solving problems both by the customers and crew as well as introducing new tools for the crew to use in order to make their work easier hence improve the quality of services. Despite the bump in bookings, our team remain small with only two extra organisational staff added behind the scenes. 

We have also remain committed in serving the community by (again) collaborating with SOLS in training the participants of the SOLS AI program that brings those from rural Sabah, and orang asli kampung for English education and job training. 

The biggest change for Maideasy is our move to a new office in Menara Suezcap. It is certainly a big step for us both in terms of space (our previous office in Vertical Bangsar South was 1200 square feet) and proximity to the LRT station. We took two units in Menara Suezcap making our office space 3800 square feet that allows us to train 50 potential cleaning crews at one time.

These are among the big changes that has happened with Maideasy in 2018. Our aim for 2019 is to take on more ambitious moves and bigger risks. Understanding the data that we have collected during the year not only enables us to further refine our products and add new products, but also focus more on precise targeting in terms of serving the ‘right’ customers and finding the right crew. 

Lots of events has happen in 2018, both in the capacity of the company as well as the country. Lastly, the team at Maideasy wishes everyone a happy new year and good luck in 2019.