Social Entrepreneurship Accreditation

Maideasy has been accredited as a Social Enterprise by Malaysian Ministry of Entrepreneur Development just recently. We have fulfilled its criteria to employ a large percentage of workers from the B40 group to qualify for this acknowledgement by the ministry. Maideasy is working in line with Malaysia’s new aspiration in tackling income inequality following the government’s tagline #sharedprosperity. Our mission in providing dignity and a liveable income to Maideasy’s cleaning crew to at least be able to afford housing, food and education for themselves and their family. I believe in social mobility to escape poverty and move up the social ladder becoming professionals or entrepreneurs themselves.

Having been accredited by the MED is the first step in making sure that we meet basic criterias in serving the B40. Maideasy has ambitious goals and hopes to meet international standards to be successfully called a social enterprise. As a technology company, Maideasy will continue in its innovation to bring about operational excellence and value to our customers. Our mission doesn’t just stop at providing a liveable wage to our crew as well as making sure that as a social enterprise, Maideasy remains sustainable as a business. We will also be working with the government and private sector in social security net inclusion for those under Maideasy.

It’s certainly an honour to be acknowledged by the ministry in our efforts to provide a dignified livelihood for the community. This serves as an encouragement that our business model can be replicated across many industries. We aim to provide a huge impact to our community in providing livelihood to many.

Technology has been our cornerstone in providing operational efficiency as well as scaling to horizontal and vertical markets. Any cost savings or added value, in the spirit of a social enterprise are given back to the crew and team at Maideasy. We invest in knowledge to upskill the team and crew at Maideasy, making sure that they are up to date with the latest development in the way they work.

Maideasy will continue it’s mission tackling the challenges that the digital economy brings in terms of how we work. We will strive to abide by our mission in providing jobs that treats people with dignity, provide a liveable wage so that they can move forward in society with their ambitions.