Repurposing Of Gig Workers

Malaysia is entering the third phase of the movement control order (MCO). We are seeing stricter enforcement by the police to curb movement in public places. That said, for this third phase of the MCO, the government has relaxed some industries and allow them to be operational. We have submitted our proposal to MITI and are awaiting their deliberation.

Our gig cleaners do not have cleaning jobs to do during this MCO. It’s been over a month and savings are depleting. Financial aid from the government is slow and the process of application is tedious. Maideasy steps up and introduced where our gig workers can be repurposed as personal shoppers. Delivery of groceries, food and parcels is the only industry that can operate under the MCO without scrutiny from the enforcement officers. is created as a platform where you, as a customer can directly connect with the personal shopper to run errands. There are no hidden costs on your part and we have a suggested service price for errands.

Maideasy has provided over 4000 gig workers opportunities in the gig industry as an accredited social enterprise. We want to continue providing income for the many in B40 for the future. is one way of easing the challenges faced by Maideasy and gig workers.

Visit if you have any errands to run.