Maideasy’s Letter In Response to Movement Restriction Order

Amidst the covid-19 threat, the government has imposed a movement restriction order (MRO) for the whole country. This has a big impact on SME’s like Maideasy as during the MRO we are not allowed to operate. Our operations and cleaning services has been halted. Our staff has also faced less working hours. The impact of the MRO is largely felt by our cleaning crew as they depend on the job as gig workers. They only get paid if they perform the cleaning services, unlike permanent employees who receive some financial relief even if the company is not operational in its fullest capacity.

The only service that is allowed to operate during this MRO is our disinfecting service. There are a few teams ready during the day to undertake the task of disinfecting your premise.

Maideasy’s operations are altogether halted. Normal cleaning will not be carried out during the MRO except for disinfecting cleaning. Customer support will operate from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm daily, with later support on limited availability. Some of our permanent staff has been repurposed to respond to the needs of the MRO. Behind the scenes we are gathering whatever aid that is available to ease the burden of our cleaning crew under the gig economy. 

Maideasy’s focus to remain operational is to offer disinfecting services. All other cleaning services has been suspended until the MRO has been lifted and cleaning will resume. The disinfecting services is offered to almost any kind of premise including homes, offices, warehouses, child care centres and places of worship. We use hospital grade disinfectant to eliminate virus and bacteria. More information about the service can be found here.

This MRO effects gig workers especially as they are not classified under permanent employees. Our cleaning crew as part of the gig economy only receive income for the cleaning job that they do. No cleaning jobs means no income for them. 

Maideasy’s cleaning crew has been stopped by the police on the road and been asked to turn back. Stricter enforcement will follow moving forward, therefore it’s safer to suspend normal cleaning operations until further notice. Maideasy cares for the well being of its gig workers therefore our team is gathering all avenues of financial aid from the government and agencies to ease their financial burden. The Maideasy’s management is constantly communicating with authorities in finding ways to mitigate some of the issues like financial aid or relief from banks. 

How you can help?

We allow you to cancel your sessions until the MRO is lifted or Maideasy obtains permission to operate. However, for the sake of providing some liquidity to the company, we hope that you suspend refund requests and continue your services with us. Locking your bookings for the cleaning crew can guarantee their income and our survival when the MRO is lifted. We truly hope for your kind understanding and offer to help us in times of need. Maideasy will not charge for suspended or cancelled bookings.

Maideasy’s team has been working night and day to respond to the MRO. There are many moving parts that we have to manage, our crew’s income and the survival of our company. Maideasy is an accredited social enterprise where the bulk of the cleaning crew are from the B40 community. We hope to survive this challenge and continue helping the community as the way forward.